Portfolio Renewal

Hello, I am Yuichi Ishiyama, a web engineer in Osaka.
I'm pleased to announce that I've renewed my portfolio site, created during my third year of engineering!

I had created this portfolio before with no experience in programming, including the front end, but I decided to re-create it with Nuxt.js + Typescript + Contentful!
I thought about refactoring it, but I decided that it would be better to make it more polished and renew it in a full-scratch manner, considering the time and effort required to remove useless garbage source code and introduce SCSS/Typescript.


Yuichi Ishiyama
Name Yuichi Ishiyama
Locale Osaka, Japan
Birthday January 23, 1993
History of February 2014 - Present
Main Career Worked for an SES company and was stationed at a customer's site for web-based development. Currently working as a member of an in-house outsourcing team, basically working remotely.
Experienced Languages PHP, Python, Swift, Java, HTML, CSS, Javascript
Frameworks, etc. Laravel, Yii2, Flask, Spring Boot, Pug, SCSS, jQuery, Vue.js, Nuxt.js, React.js, Next.js

I have many opportunities to be involved in everything from infrastructure and cloud computing to server side and front-end development, both in my regular work and in side projects, and I personally dream of becoming a full-stack engineer, an engineer who can do anything!

For more information, please see About and Work.

Future Outlook

My goals are as follows
・Output through blogging and Twitter (and possibly monetization)
・Connections and technical exchanges with fellow engineers
・Expansion and logic of side projects
・Improvement of technology in the mobile area

I'm a three-day monk and bored, but I'm going to keep up my spirit and devote myself to it.