Hello, I'm Yuichi Ishiyama, Web Engineer!
In this article, I will introduce my favorite high-end keyboard, HHKB (Happy Hacking Keyboard), with recommendations, features by type & price comparison.

It is no exaggeration to say that the keyboard is second only to the PC in importance for engineers and programmers.
I have tried mechanical keyboards and high-end keyboards such as Realforce, but I personally recommend the most recommended keyboard in terms of size, comfort (typing feel), and functionality.

Price/Feature Comparison

There are several types of HHKB, so let's start with a price and feature comparison!

For your information, I use the HHKB Professional HYBRID English Array/Black.

  • *Since "HHKB Lite2" and "HHKB Lite2 for Mac" are no longer sold, this is a comparison of the "HHKB Professional" lineup.
  • *Prices and other information are current as of 2022/4.
Price 35,200 yen(including tax) 30,250 yen(including tax) 25,300 yen(including tax)
Bluethooth -
USB connection
Keymap change -
JP Key ver. -
Size W294 × D120 × H40
W294 × D120 × H40
W294 × D110 × H40

My recommendations and negative points


A different keyboard will change typing speed and typing accuracy.
However, the keyboards used at work and at home are often different.
In that case, HHKB!
The Fn key and the cross key are omitted, making it much more compact.
It is so lightweight and compact that carrying it out is not a bother at all.
Comfortable typing
I personally don't like a typing feel that is too light, and prefer a more solid typing feel, so I used to use a black-axis mechanical keyboard, but once I got used to the typing feel of the HHKB, it was so comfortable that I could not move on to anything else.
Functional aspect
The first recommendation is that it supports both wired and wireless.
It can connect to multiple devices (PC, iPad, VR goggles, etc.) via Bluetooth connection, and once set up, it can be instantly switched by command.
In some workplaces, Bluethooth connection may be prohibited, in which case a wired USB connection can be used.
The other thing I recommend is that the key layout is compatible with both Windows and Mac!

Negative points

As I said, the first negative point is the high price.
However, the keyboard is a necessity for engineers and programmers.
I told myself that if I could increase my productivity by improving my motivation and work efficiency by purchasing a high-end keyboard, it would be worth the price!
This is a point of hesitation because it is by far the most expensive when looking at cheap keyboards and other mid-range keyboards, but I think it is a good value for money once you get your hands on it.
Special key layout
As mentioned in the size description, because of the compact key layout, the frequently used keys such as the Fn key, Ctrl key, and cross key are specially arranged, and some keys need to be used in combination like shortcuts.
I won't go into the details of how to use it, but it may take some time to get used to it (it took me about a week to get used to it!). (I got used to it after about a week of work!)
Once I got used to the Ctrl key, it became so easy to use that I wondered why the HHKB layout wasn't standard, and I even changed the standard keyboard settings on my MacBookPro to match the HHKB!


I have written a lot about my own prejudices about HHKB as an actual HHKB user, but in conclusion, I am satisfied with HHKB to the extent that it is among the TOP 5 gadgets I have ever purchased!

I think it would be difficult to convey this to you unless you have the courage to purchase a HHKB and use it for a certain period of time, but if my current HHKB breaks down, I would not hesitate to purchase another HHKB.
If you're currently considering buying, or on the fence about it, you're in for a treat!